July 18 – Get to Know Your Customers Day


A friendly approach to new and reoccuring customers is key in appropriate and professional customer service. That being said, sometimes I feel that my job ultimates leads to me knowing my customers a little too well, for those who refuse to leave. It’s interesting the bits and pieces of peoples lives you get to glimpse as they pass through. 

In the area that I live there is a woman who owns a cockatoo that is so well trained that she can walk through the shops with it on her should with no fear of consequences. The same cockatoo will also answer you if you absent-mindedly say hello to what you assumed to be just a human customer – it’s quite surprising. I also know a man who seems to have an obsession with $1 chewing gum and nothing else and an old woman who believes that anyone under the age to twenty five is illiterate. There are people who I don’t know but feel it is appropriate to tell me their pin number and those who tell me their life stories while there are several people waiting. There are certainly the quirky ones. But there are others; stories of loved ones in serious medical care, humorous anecdotes and tales of a serious nature. It’s interesting how you can hear all these things, and yet never know a customer by name. It’s an odd relationship that exists between the employee and the customer; there exists recognition, friendliness and even loyalty and yet we know very, very little about each other.

~ Darcie Rae



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