July 21 – National Ice Cream Day


I try to celebrate Ice Cream Day as often as I possibly can. I’m currently a healthy weight, but let me tell you if I were to ever land a job at an ice cream store that would probably change dramatically. Ice cream is the food of whatever god you believe in/the work of the best human that has existed. Happy Ice Cream Day!

We can thank the Chinese for the wonder that is ice cream…kind of. At around 200 BC they created a frozen mixture of rice and milk. This evolved around A.D. 618-907 into a more of a yogurt type substance mixed with flour and flavouring, “frozen” as best as was possible during that time. The used a combination of ice and salt in order to cool the ice cream (salt reduces the temperature of ice). Sorbet ice cream can be credited to Europe, with early version of the treat appearing the 1660s in some Italian, French and Spanish cities. Soft serve ice cream came much later, thought to be invented by Tom Carvel in the U.S. in the 1930s. In 1968 freeze-dried ice cream was consumed in outer space (I’ve tried it and I’m only recommending it for the experience – it has the texture of a hard, dried out sponge and tastes an awful lot like disappointment.). And those weird dippin dot things that are half way between ice cream and styrofoam balls? Invent in 1988 but putting ice cream mixture into liquid nitrogen…no food in the science lab kiddies 😉 

~ Darcie Rae

Bonus! I have an excellent recommendation, for those wanting to try it. Vanilla ice cream + broken bits of oreo or an oreo-like biscuit (I used wheelies, works the same) + peanut butter all mashed together. Maybe it just because I have an addiction to peanut butter, but it’s a lot better than it probably sounds. 


picture source: http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/ice-cream/images/6333735/title/ice-cream-cone-wallpaper-wallpaper 



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