July 29 – Rain Day


Happy Rain Day! By a beautiful coincidence, as I write this it is raining. Rain Day comes from Waynesburg, Pennsylvania in the U.S. Legend says that a farmer visiting a drugstore in the town told the owner that it was guaranteed to rain the next day, July 29. His reasoning was that it was his birthday, and it always rained on his birthday. The next day came and with it rain and the drugstore owner, Mr Daly, began to place bets with salesmen that it would rain on July 29th. This tradition was carried on by his son, who won many hats from such bets (they always betted a new hat as the prize). It has rained 113 of the 138 years the festival has been running.

~ Darcie Rae


source: http://www.bubblews.com/news/420863-about-rain

Official website: http://www.raindayfestival.com 


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