August 13 – International Lefthander’s Day


Happy International Lefthander’s Day!

I’m left handed all day every day so I can celebrate this day simply by existing. Being left-handed it super awesome! You get tones of left-handed super powers such as:

– Being able to highlight text with the efficiency of a toddler!

– Having people assume that you are super-mega creative, even if the most artsy thing you do is draw stars in the margins of your notebooks. 

– The ability to write on a whiteboard and erase your text at the SAME TIME! How handy! (see what I did there? Don’t lie to me, you love it). 

– The power of super awkwardness when you try and write your signature of those electronic tablets with pens that have string that is just a little too short, and your signature (which is normally a small work of art) comes out like you’ve suffered a small seizure half way through writing it. 

– Being loved by everyone of the compulsory athletics relay team, because none of the right-handers are ambidextrous enough to grab the baton with their left hand. 

– Conversely, being put at the very end of the row in compulsory athletics throws because the teacher is worried you are going to take another student out with the discus you are throwing so very, very wrong. 

– Confidently being able to try and play mario kart wii with the remote held upside down and wondering why the kart won’t go in any of the directions you want it to while all your friends laugh at you in a mixture of pity and confusion because no one thought you would be stupid enough to hold the remote the wrong way so you could have more control with your left hand. 

– Being left handed sends a signal out to those around you, prompting them to exclaim to you “you’re left handed? wow!” just in case you ever forget your left handed-ness and the awesome extra powers you get with it.

~ Darcie Rae 


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