August 17 – Meaning of “Is” Day


Happy Meaning of “Is” Day! It “is” really difficult to define what the word “is” means. The definition you get when you type “definition: is” into google is as follows:

is  3rd person singular present of be (Verb)

  1. Exist: “there are no easy answers”; “there once was a man”.
  2. Used with a present participle to form continuous tenses: “they are coming”; “he had been reading”; “she will be waiting”.

I find this…not very useful. The 3rd person singular present of Be bit is helpful, but if I were a foreign language student, I don’t think the rest of it would be of any use. So I’m trying. Since the dictionary is an art form that’s been looked over countless times, I doubt I’ll actually do better. But I will try. 

You can use the word “is” in order to say that a singular something exists in a certain way. e.g. “Sam exists as a doctor” can be replaced by “Sam is a doctor”. 

A singular version of the word “are”. “The cookies are delicious” can must be replaced with “The cookie is delicious”. 

To make a statement an objective truth. “It IS ridiculously difficult to define ‘is'” 

~ Darcie Rae


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