August 18 – Serendipity Day


Happy Serendipity Day! Today encourages you to live serendipitiously. Serendipity is defined as “the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. Madeleine Kay, founder of Serendipity Day, wants to get rid of that definition. She regards serendipity as “the willingness to live your life as though everything is a miracle…with the belief that at any moment, something wonderful is about to happen.” (Madeleine Kay). In other words, it’s your choice as to whether you live a happy life by seizing the moment as it comes with great enthusiasm. Today encourages you to do that by doing something new, unexpected, exciting, wonderful, frightening etc and to relish in the miracle that is existence. 

Don’t know what to do to celebrate? Try lifescouts. It’s basically an online community where you go out into the real world and try to achieve something – whether this be as simple as learning origami to visiting Easter Island, and when you do that thing, you receive a badge (like a scouts badge, but way cooler). You can receive your badge by simply reblogging the picture or you can buy them physically. The point is, if your stuck for a new experience, hope over here: to give you an idea!

~ Darcie Rae

Serendipity Day: 


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