August 31 – Franchise Appreciation Day


It seems that a lot of the time people go out of their way to make franchises seems like the evil stores of Satan himself. Sometimes they are. My local Woolworths recently added a bakery store which, considering there is a tiny little independent bakery right outside Woolworths, was a pretty dick move. However in the same day I was angry at Woolworths, I also brought two blocks of chocolate for $6. Much cheaper then I would have at a supermarket with less buying power. My point is that franchises are often good things. Sometimes the reason why there is Boost Juice stand popping up magically in the centre of every shopping complex is because Boost Juice is almost definitely made out of the tears of angels that weep for the beauty that is blended fruit and ice cream. And I am so happy that I can access this in heaps of places, because what was once a lone juice and smoothie bar has become so successful that it has become many juice and smoothie bars. Franchises are just the product of a very successful small business, because everything has to start someplace small. Today is Franchise Appreciation Day, so go out and appreciate your favourite franchises. 

~ Darcie Rae


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