September 1 – First Day of Spring


Happy first day of Spring! Today the sun was shining so brightly in the sky I even got a little sunburnt, an omen of the aloe-vera filled summer afternoons that are sure to accompany my sometimes neglectful nature when it comes to sun safety. There were little baby goats and lambs of springtime, frolicking in the green grass…inside a small fenced area spending most of their time being mildly abused by very small humans who do not yet understand that animals do not liked being pulled by the ears or slowly chocked by an embrace. The birds were singing, the children were squealing, the lifeguards were warning the tourists to stop going out so far into the ocean when there was a clear rip in the water that was sure to carry them all the way back to their homeland if they weren’t careful. A forty year old man was wearing a fairy princess costume designed for an eight year old girl. A fifty year old man was wearing speedos too far away from the ocean for it to be acceptable. A man who was slightly too old to be riding a skateboard while hanging onto the side of a moving ute down a main road with his pants halfway down his legs was doing just that. Everyone was out and about, for the first beautiful and majestic day of spring.

~ Darcie Rae. 

Yes these were all things that I actually saw in one day today. Australia. 


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