September 3 – Another Look Unlimited Day


Do you have one of those piles of things you finally realised you didn’t need and in some cases are not entirely sure why you got them in the first place? Instead of just sending it to the dump, have a look through it and see if you can find anything worth donating to charity. If you do this though, please make sure the items are actually worth giving to charity. Some things really do need to go straight in the trash. I have sorted through bags of things that should not have been donated and trust me when I say it wastes everybodies time when you do that –  as a general rule if you wouldn’t want it yourself, then don’t give it to charity. However if you do have good stuff, please give! You don’t want to hold onto a million useless things, otherwise you end up like one of those scary people on that show about hoarders that have rooms and rooms filled with novelty magnets or something else as equally weird. 

~ Darcie Rae


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