September 15 – International Dot Day






A while ago I was lucky enough to see Yayoi  Kusama’s installation “The Obliteration Room” at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. A medium size room was filled with furniture representing a typical home setting, and then this room was painted completely white. It was an interactive exhibition, as guests were given a sheet of colourful dot stickers upon entering the room and were told to stick them wherever they pleased: on the floors, the walls, the furniture, the ceiling, the lights and on other stickers one the room was so filled with stickers that it seemed impossible that it was ever white. There was a working piano that had become a dotty rainbow, emitting sounds through the strange room as people interacted with art. The dining table had dishes and cutlery laid out, the shelves had rainbow dotted plants. It was a magical exhibit. 

~ Darcie Rae

You can watch a video on this room here: 




photos from: 


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