September 18 – Hug A Greeting Card Writer Day


Happy Hug A Greeting Card Writer Day! There are many reasons why greeting card writers might need a hug…they often write beautiful and touching messages in cards people buy for others when they cannot string together their own words either because the relationship to the card receiver was so important it had to be perfect, or because they don’t know them well enough to make personal inside jokes to fill in the space. For this, greeting card writers, we salute you. But sometimes, that stuff is so god damn cheesy it could turn someone lactose intolerant and since someone has been paid to write that, they must need a hug for all the evil they have released into the world. And finally a hug for those greeting card writers who always get crappy cards because their friends were worried they would buy them a card that they had written, and a hug for those writers who have experienced that reality. Unless they write the cheesy stuff, in which case they deserve it. 

~ Darcie Rae


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