October 8 – Tag Day


*reaches through the laws of physics and tags you, dear reader, through the computer screen*

Happy Tag Day! Today celebrates not the annoying piece of paper you always forget to take off your clothes before you wear them in a highly public space, but the child’s game. A game where children flee a person who is trying their best to hit them, a skill they can apply to the real world if the need should ever arise. Tag is such a pointless game, but there was always something enjoyable about finally catching your helpless prey  tagging your laughing friend, a feat which, if you like me were as fast a Usain Bolt will be in his 90s, was the kind of event that happened rarely. Since it’s kind of frowned upon in the adult world to play tag, we must invent other ways to get that same pointless joy. This is why we play chess…just kidding. I’m pretty sure I’ve discovered the purpose of the “poke” button on Facebook. It’s like tag but a lot less physical and still just as pointless and enjoyable as running after your friends in the playground. 

~ Darcie Rae


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