October 13 – English Language Day


Today celebrates English as a global language. Not in a “english superior to all other languages” kind of way, but in the “a language that makes it possible for a Chinese person, a Spanish person, a German person and a Vietnamese person to share a conversation together through a mutual language” kind of way. English has three times more non-native speakers than native speakers and is spoken by about two billion people. It also must be an absolute nightmare to learn. As a native speaker of English I can only imagine how difficult it must be to get around the ridiculous amount of rules that English has, the amount of confusing words that have meaning that are completely different to what they sound like, the same words for completely different things, “rules” that have a mountain of exceptions…it must be tough. Look at the text below, for example. Reading it out loud will most likely have even a native speaker screw up a few times, I know I certainly did. 
~ Darcie Rae 


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