November 3 – Jellyfish Day


This is probably the worst day of the entire year. I hate jellyfish more than people who are lactose intolerant hate milk. And because the universe works in such a twisted fashion, there in fact exists a jellyfish from the very depths of my darkest nightmares – a jellyfish that can live forever. I’m not playing a joke on you, this is real. There’s a terrifying (rather small) creature, native to the Caribbean sea, that can effectively live forever. During a time of crisis, for example a food shortage or physical injury, the Turritopsis as it is called can transform it’s cells into a younger state. This happens through a process called transdifferentiation, a process that can turn one type of cell into another. Salamanders do something similar when they regrow limbs, although this ability is more limited for them. The Turritopsis is the only organism that can regenerate it’s entire body, a real-life aquatic Benjamin Button, expect once it ages back to a polyp state, it will once again grow into an adult, when it can again reverse the ageing process. Scientists believe that this cycle can repeat indefinitely, making the jellyfish potentially immortal. 
What is this life. 

~ Darcie Rae 


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