Everyday, for the next 365 days, I am striving to celebrate. I came across this website a while ago, http://www.holidaysforeveryday.com/, which features all conceived holidays for each day of the year. Yeah, well, that lasted about a month before the website stopped being what it was supposed to be. You won’t find any reason to celebrate there anymore. Since about the 2nd week in february this blog has been based on holidays sourced from http://www.brownielocks.com, which is essentially the same as the previous website, except that is makes me feel slightly uncomfortable as comic sans seems to be the exclusive font of the website, coupled with some pretty corny graphics, but hey, it does the job. My goal is to pick one of the many suggested days each day and find a way to celebrate it – whether it be big or small. While I’m not guaranteed the authenticity of these holidays, it doesn’t matter. What matters is celebrating life.

The day may be celebrated through an action, and associated story, or simply through learning more about the subject and thus gaining a greater understanding and appreciation for what is being celebrated on the day. Some days will be more sombre and serious, as is life, but a lot of the days will just be a bit of fun.

I hope you enjoy reading this, if you have any questions or think I’ve done something horribly wrong that needs fixing, please don’t hesitate to say.

– Darcie Rae


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  1. I am doing my own challenge. I am painting 365 paintings – one a day for the year. Good luck. Love the mini pigs. I think I might paint one. I am a vegan and animals are my favourite subject. x

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